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Time. Money. Supplies.


Businesses can contribute services such as printing, web-hosting, and shipping (something we are in desperate need of). Businesses can also contribute products such as food, equipment, and supplies (medical, home or office) and can receive tax exemptions.


Aside from sponsorship and donations, musicians can partner with REACH by taking 5 minutes to talk about REACH or show a video during a performance, then providing the audience with brochures and/or the opportunity to get involved.

Churches and Small Groups

There are several options that make it very easy to sponsor a child in need. You can have an entire church sponsor a child or children. Even if you only have 20 people in your church all it takes is $1 a month per person to make a difference.

Involve your Family

It is important to do things together as a family. Work with your children to donate money to a project or sponsor a child. You can do something as simple as setting up a jar in the house for your children to put loose change in and watch as it grows. Tell your children that what they are doing is helping others to eat and go to school just like them. Even though you are separated by thousands of miles we are all part of the human race.

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