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31 HCT 331 Full
31 HCT 331 Full
31 HCT 331
31 HCT 331 Full 31 HCT 331

Airene Jastine Koku (31-HCT-331)

Airene Jastine Koku (31-HCT-331)
Age: 6 years old, female
Country: Tanzania
Airene’s father left before she was born.  Her mother deserted her when she was 2 years old.  Her grandmother tried to care for her, but is too elderly and ill.  Airene has been sick often and has eye problems.  She needs a sponsor so that she will have a safe place to live, receive an education, have food, clothing, and the medical care she desperately needs.
$ 40
Personal Info

Donation Total: $40 Monthly

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