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13 LAN 213 Full
13 LAN 213 Full
13 LAN 213
13 LAN 213 Full 13 LAN 213

Ahinsa Nethmini Bamunu Mudhiyansalage (13-LAN-213)

Ahinsa Nethmini Bamunu Mudhiyansalage (13-LAN-213)
Age: 9 years old, female
Country: Sri Lanka
The government has decided that Ahinsa’s parents are no longer fit to care for her. She was brought to the REACH orphanage in Sri Lanka so that she would have a safe home. A sponsorship will provide a safe home, an education, food, clothing and medical care for Ahinsa.  She is in the fourth grade and needs to be in a loving environment.  She loves to do art.
$ 40
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Donation Total: $40 Monthly

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